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SEASON 2014 / 15


News Update 31st October 2014 1420 hrs...Not happy, as are probably you folk, about the slowness on the tech side of the "new site"...Anyway the race videos are on the up, but again lots of improving to do with the production values....lots happening behind the scenes right now.

Last Sunday's race, we shot from the spectator ferry, due to last minute issues with the hydraulic steering on the Camera Cat, but she's been repaired and we will be chasing hard this Sunday. Wazza and Bucko will be coming to throw some verbal color your way as well, so that's something to look forward to. Pick the Podium won't start until the new web site is finished but just keep picking your podiums to stay in practice for when we kick it off.

At the moment it looks like a second rig day on Sunday and it's a 3 Buoy Handicap

That's it for now BK


News Update 20th October 2014 0820 hrs... Apologies for the slow start to our technical side of the project folks....it can only improve from here I hope. There are a few issues we are facing right now, trying to upgrade the web site, and the live streaming consistency.

For you folk that are keen to play Pick the Podium my apologies again. Hopefully, we will get it running when the new web site is up and running in November. The good news is the racing has started and yesterday's Race 2, 3 buoy handicap had all the thrills and spills we've become used to in a 20 plus NE'r.

Boat and crew changes have occurred ....John Sweeney will be helm on The Kitchen Maker, David Witt and his crew have moved over to command the mighty SMEG, Sean Langman has taken over the helm on the "Green Machine" with a new hull coming, and Lee Knapton has replaced the big shoes of Chris Nico on the MOJO Wines. Nico has a rather larger challenge on his hands driving Team Vestas in the VOR.

If you are trying to find yesterday's race vision, I have been promised it will be loaded by early afternoon on the home page..fingers crossed!

More news soon folks.. BK




News update 31st March 2014 1430 hrs...... Well there you go, another 18ftr season all done and dusted. The last race yesterday was a ripper for many different reasons. One, it was a great looking day with all skiffs on big rigs, SE course with plenty of options.....Two, Trevor Barnabus had his first cameo drive on MOJO Wines with Ricky and Mike and they had it shot to pieces and led around every mark EXCEPT at the freaking finish.... Three, Thurlow Fisher Lawyers came from 4th at the last mark to outwit the podium leaders by rolling the dice and went south of the pack in front of them and into the lead they went to win narrowly from the Rag with Mojo in 3rd....have a look at Nicole's video clip taken off the ferry yesterday and see how close it was.

Congratulations, Jeff Black, this bloke's a freak, as I think he and his colt have won P t P three times this season, and he was all on his own yesterday. He picked 1st TFL , 2nd Rag & Famish, 3rd Kitchen Maker........nice job with 2 spot on. So the last pair of www.barzoptics.com Java sunnies have gone off for this season, A BIG THANK YOU to Kevin Barr and Natasha at Barzoptics for your support of our competition again.

Now....file all your form guides until next October and enjoy the next six months and in that period if you need a fix of 18ftr racing just cruise into our video archive and entertain yourselves for hours if winter gets boring.....I hope it wont.

Just so you know, I've already started to plan improvements for our livestreaming next season, and there is some great new off the shelf camera stabilisers which will finally sort out the shaky camera vision we and you have had to endure.......fingers crossed for that to happen.

Thanks all you lot for playing this season, hope to see everyone back playing next season for the prizes then.....keep an eye out on this news blog as I will try to get some info worth posting each week on Mondays..........Cheers BK   


News update 24th March 2014.....Apologies for not being able to provide yesterday's 3 Buoy handicaps, I tried but failed to get my hands on them.... In the wash up to yesterday's Queen of the Harbour, the 3 buoys dictated how the podium was settled, which ended up, Yandoo, Asko, and Fisher & Paykel third. Yandoo and Fisher & Paykel were on 2 x Red and 1 x Blue buoys and Asko had 3 x Blues and all the skiffs had four crew.

Now, with no one able to pick the 3 podium boats in their entry, it was therefore decided to put Arthur Richards and Jeff Black in the hat. Both Arthur and Jeff picked Asko and F & P, but not in the right podium positions, and only one entry picked Yandoo in yesterday's podium, but, in 3rd position, so two podium boats was stronger.......Arthur Richards came out of the hat to win the www.barzoptics.com Java sunnies and this weeks Bragging Rights...

Congratulations Arthur, that was a tough game and made tougher due to Yandoo's win yesterday, and while Herman Winning was a good sub for his father Woody (in Kiwi)..... no one knew prior, that Tom Slingsby was jumping in for Jimmy Beck. If you don't know about Tom's performance value, then google "Tom Slingsby"

Next Sunday is the final race of the season and the last chance to win the Barzoptics Java sunnies, and its a scratch race, so no need to know boat handicaps for this race. So for now, keep tabs on the forecast for next Sunday > www.seabreeze.com.au

I will post any news on crews and starters by Friday morning......till then BK



News update 22nd March 2014 ....... bloody late Sat evening just on 2100 hrs and been sailing on the big red anchor.

Look, I wasn't able to get the handicaps for you ...I tried believe me,and it almost happened, I saw the info and I thought I watched it emailed to me ...but nu'tin  arrived...

So, for you lot wanting handicap info??? forget that ....go onto www.seabreeze.com.au and basically, throw that in the too hard basket, and just go with your favorite teams/boats .....you have to enter to be in it, as you well know by now, and anyway, I believe, this winner will come out of the hat, so just have a crack.

God, only knows the podium tomorrow... but try to channel him, and what he would pick, given his take from up above.....how's that sound??

cheers and good luck BK


News update 17th March 2014......0800 hrs. Interesting weather for yesterday's race for sure, which confused half the fleet into going with their 2nd rig.....thus not being in the hunt for the podium. As a result, most of you had picks on 2nd rig and suffered as a result.....a tough one.

However, Jeff Black, (not John Black, who won the Smeg Retro bar fridge the previous Sunday) and Peter Alexander tied with Rag 1st, and TFL 2nd, in the correct finishing order. Thus. Congratulations, go to Jeff Black who came out of the hat, bad luck Peter, and wins a cool pair of www.barzoptics.com Java sunnies plus this weeks Bragging Rights.

Now, if you thought yesterday was a tough game, next Sunday is the Queen of the Harbour, and it's a 3 Buoy Handicap race, and the Seabreeze forecast at this point in time is very sleazy, www.seabreeze.com.au   ..... So here's my tip for your entry. Wait until Friday / Saturday to lock and load, as I will report back here, before then, with the handicaps for this Sunday's race. And, I will try to find out who's in which boat etc for you.

Yesterday was our last Livestream coverage for this season which went well from all accounts. Now that adventure is behind us we can start work on improving on that result, and I'm looking forward to that challenge.....all's good.   Keep an eye out from Wednesday here for the handicaps...Cheers BK





News update as of Thursday 13th March.........1500 hrs. All the feed back we have received, re the Livestream coverage, has been very positive, with our local and OS skiff fans and new viewers enjoying the full live broadcast AND, the commentators got a hug as well......pretty cool actually, so thanks for your support.

News Flash!!!.....this Sunday is the last Scratch Race Livestream coverage for the season, of which after this Sunday there are only two races to go, and one being Queen of the Harbour ladies day. At this stage we intend posting a post race highlights video of the last two races.

So, that means you P t P players have only 3 races to record a win, if you haven't already......three chances to win a pair of www/barzoptics.com Java sunnies. This Sunday's weather forecast is pretty spicy from the WSW, check it out > www.seabreeze.com.au

See you all on the Livestream on Sunday.......cheers BK

News update as of Monday 10th March......1500hrs Results of the JJ Pick the Podium Winners Draw

Smeg Australia Retro Bar Fridge was won by John Black ....  John was the winner of Race 7 and came out of the hat 3rd

Sailingbits Velocitek Speed Puck was won by Steve Bray ..... Steve was the winner of Race 2 and came out of the hat 2nd.

Gill Australia $300 gift voucher was won by Amanda Ashley Jones ..... Amanda was the winner of Race 1 and came out of the hat 1st

So that's it folks all done and dusted for another JJ ..... and what a great finish of Race 7 yesterday with Asko's attack on the leader 7 right at the death. Also, I think that the 18ftr tradition of presenting the JJ winner's ribbon from the spectator ferry is gold and a fitting way to acknowledge the winning crew......long may that tradition continue.

Thank you all for playing.....it's a great way to interact with the racing especially now we can Livestream the coverage with OS viewers able to tweet us so we can give them a live shout back, great fun. I hope you all had fun because we did especially yesterday in full sunshine....I will send out an email on Thursday to advise you all of the next races and latest 18ftr news......till then BK


News update as of Sunday 9th March....1000 hrs (take two)....Gotta Luv it 7 and her Dream Team, Seve, Scott, and Sam, pulled off their 6th JJ Giltinan yesterday with another clinical performance on a tricky Easterly course yesterday....bloody awesome job!

Bob Peston got you all, and on his own, in yesterday's Race 6, with 7, TFL, and Mojo Wines, and now joins, Jimmy Flemming, Steve Bray, Amanda Ashley Jones, Alan Doud, and Kimberley Wilmot, in our major prize draw after Race 7 concludes this afternoon. Bob wins the www.barzoptics.com Java sunnies and the Bragging Rights for Race 6.....nice picking Bob Preston.

Had some fun with Rob Brown, filling in for Wazza Rooklyn on the Camera Cat yesterday.....Rob was fleshing out some of his Australia 2 memories from the 1983 AC victory over Liberty.......check out the stories on the race coverage prior to the race start. The one about Liberty's TV compartment is gold, the old eye in the sky routine.

So, we have one spot available for the major prize draw to be decided in this the last one, Race 7. Get cracking, as you only have less than 2 hours to enter your picks......make it easy and pick Gotta Luv it 7 as your pick 1 and the 2 others....C-Tech and Mojo are locked up and someone is going to miss a spot on the final JJ podium.....it could well be both of them.

See you on the Livestream in the rigging park for the P t P winners draw.......and good luck BK


News update as of Friday 7th March.....1130 hrs....Pick the Podium for Race 5, well, nobody wanted DeLonghi Rabbitohs, and who would have, given their 5 prior JJ races. However, if you watch the post race Livestream video, it proves what we've and the crews, have been talking about since the regatta started, that, there are easily 15 boats that can podium, all you need is to buy a lane off the start line (not easy) and hold it to the top turn mark and your in business, and that's exactly what DeLonghi achieved yesterday, and even with an MOB thrown in. 

To make it even more difficult, nobody picked Appliances On Line to finish 2nd either. So that left 55 entries, less than half of you that picked Gotta Luv it 7 (a no brainer for Pick 1). So, after a very tedious job of cutting up and naming 55 bits of paper, out popped an extremely lucky,Kimberley Wilmot.  Kimberley wins the www.barzoptics.com Java sunnies, the diluted Bragging Rights for yesterday and will go into the major P t P prize draw on Sunday with, Jimmy Flemming, Steve Bray, Amanda Ashley Jones, Alan Doud, and David Bayly.

With 2 Races to go, here's my view.....Saturday and Sunday's forecast on www.seabreeze.com.au are saying Course 6 on big rigs and that, to me puts 7 back into the vulnerable tricky lottery, of buying a start line and lane ticket with everyone else......so this JJ, my friends ain't over, and will all come down to Thurlow Fisher Lawyers beating 7 by a bunch tomorrow, Saturday's Race 6......remember what happened to Emirates Team New Zealand 8 - 1 up.....she's never over until the fat lady sings. see you on the Livestream tomorrow BK 






News update as of Thursday 6th March....0930 hrs..... In my view, the 7 team put one of their best performances together in yesterday's Race 4. check out their bad start and what they did about it on the Livestream replay video......pretty impressive. Of the others to Podium, Mojo Wines and Smeg were rock solid with their crew work and course management. 

We had another stand alone P t P winner yesterday, congratulations David Bayly, who nailed the podium perfectly, and all on his own. David wins the www.barzoptics.com Java sunnies and the Bragging Rights for Race 4 (which I know he will use to the max.) and he joins, Jimmy Flemming, Steve Bray, Amanda Ashely Jones, and Alan Doud in the winners draw come this Sunday post the final race.

Today's forecast go to www.seabreeze.com.au    they list a South direction, backing off into the afternoon, so I think we will see the fleet on a split rig choice.....Gotta Luv it 7 most likely to go with their turbo 2 rig, you would think, and after yesterday's performance they have gone to not rock hard favorites..... but, but, but, bloody Granite hard favorites.        

Should be a good contest on the Southerly course, with that long run to Obelisk and long work to Shark Island.....get your entries in before 1200 hrs Sydney Time and good luck today BK


News update as of Wednesday 5th March 2014...1100 hrs.....HERE COME THE KIWIS The Kiwi flag flew proudly at the conclusion of yesterday's Race 3. There wasn't much wind pressure, but there was heaps of brain pressure on all the combatants...check out Mark Heeley's post race interview with the 3 podium finishers. David McDiarmid, helm on Yamaha, made a valid comment about the Kiwi's having light crews and can 3 string where the opposition weren't able...check it on the race coverage.

Today, for that reason could be problematic as the forecast www.seabreeze.com.au says NE at around 13 t0 14 knots, which may see David and Alex forced to go down to the 2 rig leaving most on the 1 rig ??? 

Anyway, yesterday's Race 4 winner was Alan Doud. He can out of the hat in front of Brett Connor. Only those two entries had C-Tech as finishing first and with Yamaha 2nd, and LUMIX 3rd that had the rest of you completely off kilter. Alan wins the www.barzoptics.com Java sunnies and the Bragging Rights   for Race 3 and now joins Jimmy Flemming, Steve Bray, Amanda Ashley Cooper in the winner's draw next Sunday for the major prizes......sunshine and wind today for aa nice change...Good Luck BK



News update as of Tuesday 4th March 2014.....0840  hrs.....Finally! a perfect Pick the Podium entry for yesterday's Race 1 re sail. The clever player was none other than ASKO helm, Marcus Ashley-Jones' mother, Amanda Ashley-Jones. Congratulations Amanda, both you and Marcus had a great day, Marcus carding a 3, and you win the www.barzoptics.com   Java sunnies, the Bragging Rights for Race 1 and you now join Jimmy Flemming, and Steve Bray in the P t P winners draw next Sunday for the JJ major prizes, so well done you.

Well, Gotta Luv it 7 wins again.......mmmm. Check out the Livestream from yesterday to see how tough a contest this JJ is, and was always going to be, with all these talented teams bringing their A game. Also it was great to have the "big fella" Iain Murray on board to listen to his experience and past memories, plus the exciting plan to bring Team Australia and Oracle Racing AC45's out on the harbour this Thursday for a spin. So make sure you check in live with us for that gig.

So, get cracking and get your entries in for today's Race 3 before 1200 hrs local Sydney time. Go to www.seabreeze.com.au for the wing and tide forecast and see if you can do an, Amanda Ashley-Jones and get the full correct order podium.....you see it is possible.

See you through the Livestream later, and Mark Heeley will be back with news of his birthing experience yesterday. Cheers BK 

News update as of Monday 3rd March 2014... 1100 hrs....Finally! a race result, and well done to the Race Committee for shortening Race 2 yesterday. We are re sailing Race 1 today, which is smart to use the first lay day given the uncertainty of the weather....straight to the P t P results for yesterday's Race 2.

We had seven entries with 2 boats in the correct finishing order....The Kitchen Maker made a full podium difficult and good on them, they can podium for sure and maybe even today.......Jack Andrew, Gavin MacKinnon, Pip Bailey, Steve Bray, Peter White, John Wright, and Brad Gibson went into the hat.......drum roll, and out popped Steve Bray, congratulations mate. You receive the www.barzoptics.com Java sunnies and the Bragging Rights as well mate.

Steve now joins Jimmy Flemming in the final winners draw next Sunday, for our major prizes supplied by our P t P partners to the right of this text. 

The weather checks out OK for today's race with a blue sky 12 knot ESE breeze....happy days. That's it for now need to get cracking to get the Camera Cat mobilised.......see you on the Livestream at 1430 hrs BK







News update as of Sunday 2nd March 2014 0730........All that for no result yesterday......a bit like War & Peace, Epic even and a nightmare for the race committee. Take a look at intervals in the 4 posted livestream videos and especially the get out of jail card played out to Gotta Luv it 7 team by the Race Committee abandoning Race 1.

So......unfortunately, the Pick the Podium entries for Race 1 were abandoned also......so just as flustrating for you players as the sailors.

Put that experience out of your minds and focus on today's Race 2 and go to www.seabreeze.com.au for the wind and tide forecasts.....it looks like we will get onto a Course 3 SE'er which is the same as the Invitation Race which went ....7, Pica UK, and Fisher & Paykel

Lots of new people playing which is good we are attracting a big fleet of players.....Gotta Luv it 7 due to the big fleet and light air yesterday are vunerable.....if they can win this JJ it will be doubley remarkable.   

There it is folks, start picking and get them in before 1200 hrs Sydney time EST......and good luck BK


News as of Saturday 1st March 2014....0700hrs Sydney time......What can I say? yesterday's Invitation race was a practice race, and at this stage the Livestream gadget is 1 and and we are 0 ....something about "software". See there you go, the Geeks are winning again.

Anyway, apparently the live tracking didn't live up either, so 2 for the Geeks...AND whilst heading into the Double Bay wharf the Camera Cat and Brett Van Munsters Kenwood Rabbitohs came together with a crunch (total accident, although, with 7 people on the CC, someone's eyes out could have avoided the crash)  Brett was not happy, but it could have been a lot worse as it sounded like we had taken his bow off...Van Munster boats are tough.

Yesterday's race video will be uploaded asap today, and is a must watch for you more serious players, because of the next two day's weather forecasts.....especially the ability of C Tech NZ, Yamaha NZ, and Mojo Wines ability to push it to the big rigs...that shouldn't happen. Also, the performances of Pica UK and CST Composites USA who look to have the measure of the Sydney boats...so you need to look at their work and factor that with the forecasts for today and Sunday > www.seabreeze.com.au will assist you.

So, 7 was a no brainer for most, but Pica UK, was not on your radar, and as a result we had a stand alone winner yesterday......Congratulations go to Jimmy Flemming, who was the only entry with two boats in the correct finishing order being, 7 in first, and Fisher & Paykel in third, nice job Jimmy. He wins the www.barzoptics.com Java sunnies, takes the Bragging Rights for the race AND is our first winner to go into the draw on Sunday 9th for a crack at the major prizes for this JJ comp.......prize donors listed to the right, and a big THANKS to them.

Entries close off for today's JJ Race 1 at 1200hrs local Sydney time so get cracking and have a shot.....here's an obvious tip,just enter Gotta Luv it 7 as your 1st place pick,at least you will get one right.......Good luck BK 


News as of Tues. 25th February 0846 hrs........ Well there you go, Kenwood Rabbitohs.....another boat to factor into your picks. Brett and his boys showed plenty of pace AND skill and based on that package, can win a race of this JJ......check out the video coverage and see for yourself, very impressive, going into Sat's Race 1. Another dark horse for sure and even though I don't think they can win the JJ, it's performances like that, that can determine who will win the 75th JJ.

Kenwood was such a surprise winner that none of you picked them in your entries for last Sunday and the majority of you didn't fancy Gotta Luv it 7 either. So, the draw came down to those that got one boat right for the draw for the www.barzoptics.com Java sunnies, and they were :

Bernadette Black, Tracy Bailey, Tim Olin, Berenbco Wulf, Bob Preston, Paul Johnson, Christine Speight, David Taylor, Dennis Kenna, and Peter Juryu.....drum roll and out came Tracey Bailey who will be wearing a set of Barzoptics Java sunnies real soon, congratulations Tracey and gets the Bragging Rights for until this Friday.

Now the JJ Pick the Podium comp begins....the Prizes are the best yet and worth fighting for. The Barzoptics Java sunnies will be on the table to be won in all 8 races of the JJ. The winners of each race (8) of the JJ, including Friday's Invitation Race will go into the draw on Sunday 9th, in the rigging park, post that final race. Our prize donors, Smeg Australia, Sailingbits.com, Gill, and Barz Optics are on the right side here.

Gill has kindly donated a $300 gift voucher for their online shop to spend. Sailingbits.com have donated a Velocitek Speed Puck, and Smeg Australia a cool Retro Bar Fridge worth $2,800  AND for the first time, all the prizes will be delivered to the winners, anywhere in the world, so to all our international fans there's your incentive to have a crack at this JJ......AND,,,, it's fun and free to enter, and even more so, if you get your friends competing against you.  

I'm now going to give you my ranking of the JJ fleet above which should make it a bit easier for our new players...... BK   


News as of Sat. 22nd February 0830 hrs........ Our site, you may have noticed, is under changes for next weeks JJ, and right now the boat list for tomorrows race has the JJ international boats already listed. So, for your picks tomorrow ignore those boats and just use the Sydney fleet for your picks. I expect a number of internationals will start tomorrow so it's a good opportunity to see how they compare with the Sydney fleet.

Gotta Luv it 7's crew are in Singapore at the ESS event and I'm not sure if they have made arrangements for a stand in crew to race tomorrow?? there would be a tad of risk if that were to occur this close to the JJ.........Good luck tomorrow BK and btw check out the prize sponsors for the JJ to the right of this.


News as of 17th February 2014.......Seems like P t P these days is about which two boats are you going to pick with Gotta Luv it 7. After yesterday's win, their favoritism to retain their JJ crown grows firmer each week, and any firmer and they will be concrete. Ya gotta luv their work...and this week they take on the Extreme 40 fleet in Singapore just for something different.

Yesterday, the live stream failed to start up (inquiry underway), however we used the old data cards in the camera and it will be uploaded today, so keep an eye out for that.

Ok, yesterday, we ended up with 15 entries with 2 correct, no one picked the podium, and as always the www.barzoptics.com Java sunnies are up for grabs and into the hat went > Pip Bailey, David Bayly, Jeff Black, David Longworth, Sjoerd van Wayenbu, John Black, Brad Gibson, Tim Murray, Beren Bewulf, Clinton Evens, John Wright, Peter Alexander, Willis Mork, Dennis Kenna, and Adrian Mills.

15 scrunched up bits of paper, and out came David Longworth.....nice one David, you win the Barz Java sunnies and this weeks Bragging Rights

Yesterday's form takeaways for me were Smeg and Mojo Wines, other than the Dream 7 Team.... Smeg have been without the "Rock" bowman, Dave (Gill) Ewings for a few weeks and when he's on board the "Smegglers" are in business. Andrew Chapman stepped up to the wheel for Chris Nicholson who was in NZ for his shot at the A Class Cat Worlds and once he, Ricky Bridge, and Mike McKensey got the chat lines connected the mighty Mojo Wines cranked up to end up just behind Smeg at the finish.....check out the race video, and you will see how much they made up and who they had to pass.....I'm impressed.  That's it for now and check out the Extreme Sailing event and watch Seve and Co go round in Singapore.  BK


News as of 10th February 2014.....Another 2nd rig NE'er and another Gotta Luv it 7 victory yesterday. Ten entries had 2 boats correct, Christine Speight, John Wright, David Taylor, Ian Foxwell, Rick Coxon, David Harley, Peter Lawson, Anya Horey, Vince Horey, and Tracy Bailey all went into the hat and out popped Vince Horey.....congratulations Vince, you pick up the www.barzoptics.com  Java sunnies and this weeks Bragging Rights, good one Vince.

Now the live stream lost the audio from us leaving the dock until just after the start, (Tech issue with the encoder, I'm told) but what happened on the drag race to Bradleys Head basically ended one of your favorite picks chance of the Podium when MOJO Wines Chris Nicholson was suckered into entering the "no go zone" under Bradleys. If he had tacked out with the others he would have been in excellent shape on the first beat, but alas, he got buried in the chase pack at had a really tough day on his hands to recover. .....check the finish out on video. At the end the battle for 3rd on the Podium was a do or die affair, which again featured MOJO .... check it out.

Anyway, another great looking race yesterday and the RAG certainly kept 7's boys honest, and it's that sort of race pressure, especially throughout the JJ Giltinan, with the hot KIWIs and other players, will / should keep Seve's boys under pressure....RAG was less than 60 secs astern yesterday, so 7 cannot afford a swim. So, 7 must be a hot JJ favorite but folks, it WILL DEFINITELY NOT be easy.

Next Sunday is another heat of the Club Championship, so a scratch race, start looking into your crystal balls.. till later BK        


News as of 3rd February 2014....The Dream Team on Gotta luv it 7 did the business yesterday to confirm their favoritism and to be on track to win another JJ. Congratulations Peter Alexander, you beat David Longworth and Marilyn Preston, out of the hat, who all picked the podium yesterday, being, 7, MOJO Wines, and TFL.

If you watch the video you can see who is developing form coming towards the JJ.....MOJO's mojo continues north, Asko and Lumix are improving each race and deserve your attention. Fisher & Paykel are in the mix with the #2 rig and all the other suspects are still to be on your radar for P t P selection on the NE race course. However based on yesterday's podium in those conditions, I'd be writing that result down for the JJ allowing for the same conditions and allowing for the hot international entries to open their accounts with the JJ racing.....easy not.

The reefed mains add a bit of confusion, some with and some without, 7 and MOJO with and TFL without. So, maybe the reefs are an advantage when it gets close to 20knts. Interestingly, Seve's interview with Mark gives you his take on the reef, especially the bit about the main and jib balance.

That's all for now, I'm off to chase Rollo's F & P to tune the big rig which should be interesting as it's currently around 18knts.... BK



News as of 27th January 2014.....Congratulations Arthur Lane, who came out of the hat yesterday to beat 8 other entries which all had 2 boats correct, being > Iain Kennedy (last weeks stand alone winner), David Bayly, Rick Coxon, Christine Speight, Simone Stanchi, Marilyn Preston, Peter Alexander, and David Witt. Yesterday, a lot of you fell foul of Gotta luv it 7 and Smeg smashing their key equipment ...7 broke its boom, and SMEG its bow pole after a crash just before the start.... bad luck you lot.

Watch the race (it was successfully live streamed yesterday, so we're happy about that) it was a great contest and at the end the mighty MOJO pounced on the early leaders of which ASKO seemed to be capable of a win but the flukey breeze tripped them and the others up big time.

At least watch the end of the live stream coverage to hear some VOR scuttlebutt and Chris Nicholson's aspirations re that next adventure, and Mark talks with Jack McCartney......the comeback kid......that's it for now have to race the Yendys this arvo.....For now BK        


News as of 20th January 2014......Congratulations, Iain Kennedy our Pick the Podium winner of race 2 yesterday.....AND, he stood alone so no need to go to the draw for a winner. Iain picked it 100%, Gotta Luv it 7, Thurlow Fisher Lawyers, and Smeg, and it's been a while since that's happened....Brad Gibson and Matthew Peat also picked the podium boats, but were both trumped by Iain having the three boats in their correct finishing order. Iain wins a cool pair of www.barzoptics.com Java sunnies and the Bragging Rights for this week.

So, at last, there you go, it can be done folks......but , if you watch the race video you will witness a sensational scrap to fill the podium behind the flying "7" yesterday...Rag, Smeg, Thurlow, Appliances, Sydney City, Fisher & Paykel, with Mojo and Asko, just off the back of that skirmish, went hammer and tong all afternoon and was not decided until the last beat home.....that will continue all the way to the JJ and then it will get really tough to pick an exact podium with the OS hot shots get added to the battleground.

The live stream yesterday had an issue from the start of filming, and you will see that we didn't have a live stream connection until the first rounding at the Robertson Point leeward mark. As you can imagine this and other challenges will be dealt with over the next couple of races so we will be solid and functioning for the JJ......all very achievable provided we can keep pushing hard.

Australia Day is race 3 of this series and we plan to be live streaming around 1530 hrs local Sydney time, but will confirm that with you in the next news piece probably this Friday.....Cheers BK 


News as of 19th January 2014....1030 hrs, the forecast looks settled for an E / SE around 12 to 16 knts and that's tricky folks as to which rig they prefer to go with, either or. It's race 2 of the Australians so scratch and a full course race hopefully. So, good luck, and go for it, you have just over an hour to enter your picks. BK


News as of 13th January 2014....Finally!!!! my sincerest apologies folks, I've been under the pump one way and another with sailing matters and then my computer spat it last week, however.....enough excuses.

Yesterday, you may have discovered by now, that we got a live stream coverage to stick to our site, so that's a big step in the right direction for us and you guys. We certainly have lots to fix and adjust to before we hit the JJ in 7 weeks. Good news though for you P t P players is we plan to announce our 3 big JJ prizes for you to play for over the 8 races starting the 28th Feb. with the Invitation race.

Now, if you have watched the live stream video coverage of yesterday's race, you would know that the favorites, bar TFL, were trounced by Asko and Lumix and the outcome of all of that result was we had 24 entries with one boat correct AND no one picked ASKO yesterday. Most were supported by the consistent TFL with stand in skipper Hugh Stodart filling in for Mr. Coxon and a few saw the value in Lumix.

So, into the hat they went, and out came.....congratulations, Marilyn Preston!!!!! who jagged it with TFL... Marilyn wins a beaut pair of beaut www.barzoptics.com Java sunnies and be in the mail this week. AND, the Bragging Rights for this week

Now, the P t P challenge is real clear heading towards the JJ .... it was always shaping up to be a tough comp this season with such a HOT fleet, and yesterday's podium caught you all out. The thing you should take away with you though, is in No. 1 big rig flukey air ASKO and LUMIX have lots of pace and cool ideas of where to put their boats on the race track and ditto for TFL. 

All of that suggests to me, that if you have developed your boat form going forward, and your crystal ball is channeling ok you should wait until your weather forecasting is locked and loaded before you enter your picks, otherwise just have a crack and get in the game through pure luck.

Happy New Year folks.. BK


News as of 16th December 2013.......Congratulations go to Anya Horey who came out of the hat yesterday to beat Jeff Black, and they were the only two entries to pick two correctly. Anya wins the www.barzoptics.com Jarva Sunnies and the current Bragging Rights.....way to go Anya.

Yesterday's race was raced over another Course 6 windward leeward affair into Watsons Bay in a fluky streaky 6 - 8 knot ENE breeze. Gotta Luv it 7 was back into it's Dream Team style of racing and led half way up the 1st beat to lead the entire race.....impressing again, to the fans, of their intensions of defending their JJ Title of last year.....but that will not be easy as they have plenty of oppo coming at them.

We have 3 weeks off now and resume on the 12th January 2014 when hostilities commence again all the way to the 75th JJ Giltinan starting on 28th February.......have a great holiday everyone wherever you may be, in front of a fireplace or hanging out under the sun in Sydney, Merry Xmas and HNY folks........more info later on BK


News as of 14th December 2013...... have a look at www.seabreeze.com.au for Sat. today at 0730hrs and it's nothin' like what's going on right now. The whole forecast is WRONG, it's currently 20knts approx. from the South and forecast to go SE to 25knts for our H18 race this arvo. That forecast came from my morning paper (just read). Sooooo, as I was saying in the last news, no need to rush to get your entries in today. If you are a hard core player and you want to know what rigs will be used in tomorrow's scratch race, wait until Sunday morning to get the forecast closer to start time. BTW, cut off for your entries is 1200hrs Sydney local time, that's when we print the entries off to take out on the CC.

On the Live Stream front, we intend testing the equipment again tomorrow, but on another site, so we will post our usual long and short videos on Monday .....Good luck tomorrow BK 


News as of 9th December 2013...What could possibly go wrong????? well......this is what occurred with our live stream video attempt yesterday.

We set out to test run the equipment and settings from the Camera Cat around 1200hrs, and the live vision was received back at the club on the TV set (success) Then we did a live interview with Alex South and Chris Nicholson in the rigging park (pretty successful). This clip is currently on our Home page and can be played. Then I caught up with Bill McCartney and Wazza Rooklyn to go over a commentary plan for the live stream coverage. Off we go to the start line feeling reasonably confident that we are going to get a first up result. Simon was shooting the vision and Jamin was monitoring the equipment.

Apparently, 5mins into the race the live stream kit, which was inside a Pelican Case to protect it from spray (plenty yesterday) stopped operating. Jamin believes the kit overheated and went down. So, that's where we ended up yesterday a tad disappointed but determined now to find a solution to this issue for next week's race and have another crack then.

Simon believes he has yesterday's vision on his Camera's card and will post something today all going well....the race action yesterday was epic.

Now......Pick the Podium was won yesterday by Richard Jaffray who went into the hat with 10 other entries who picked two correct podium boats, being..... last week's winner Kimberley Wilmot, Elliot Bailey, Tracy Bailey, Pip Bailey, Tim Carver, Vincent Horey, Russell Moore, Peter White, Graeme Furguson, and Neil McCallum.

Congratulations Richard, you have a pair of www.barzoptics.com Jaffa sunnies coming your way, and you have the official Pick the Podium Bragging Rights for this week, so brag on mate.

Now, looking towards next Sunday's 2nd Heat NSW Championships you need to focus on a Scratch start and full race course dash for cash. Bill McCartney (father of Jack, Rag's helm) believes, and Wazza and I didn't oppose his statement yesterday especially the way Nicko and his boys went yesterday off the Scratch buoys...."who ever can beat Mojo Wine will win the JJ Giltinan" 

There is still a long way to go to the JJ, which starts on the 28th February next, but the Mojo Wine skiff has still got plenty of improvements coming according to Mr. Nicholson, so next Sunday Mojo Wine would be a no brainer to include in your P t P entry......yesterday Mica Lane's boys showed plenty of pace to lead the race before they were forced out.....I saw Paul Montegue working with AOL's rig tensions prior to the race, so I think Monty will be well pleased with his tinkering as they were motoring along yesterday.

My tip is wait until the Sat forecast for Sunday www.seabreeze.com.au As of today it is saying Big Rigs for Sunday which gives you much to ponder .....Mojo, 7, Thurlow, Rag, Smeg, Sydney City Marine, AOL, Fisher & Paykel and even Asko, and Lumix potentially on the NE race course.

What a fleet, what a season, what a JJ .....more later on BK 




News as of 7th December 2013.....Tomorrow we are going to test a live stream of our video race coverage. Happy Days!!!......get back to you after the race.....it's really "bullshit technology", but only if you're oldish, it's now off the shelf (Treradek Bond 2) .....can't wait to see how it goes

However it goes, you will hopefully, possibly, see something live, and it will be there immediately after for on demand replay....fingers are crossed.

What could possibly go wrong????.......we'll know at the end, it will give us something to build from



News as of 4th December 2013.......Simon is out, and the clip of last Sunday's race is UP! .......it was a race of 3 parts which was played out over the 3 laps and the 3 handicap Buoys mixing up the positions......the Mojo's mojo is on the rise.


News as of 3rd December 2013........ If you're wondering why the race video from last Sunday isn't available???

Simon Brown is in hospital for treatment of a problem allergy he has and he didn't look too good on the Camera Cat filming the race. So until I speak to him I don't know when the video will be posted on the site......as soon as I speak to him I will provide some clues to what will happen?

more later today ...BK


News as of 2nd December 2013.......Kimberley Wilmot came out of the hat yesterday against 13 others having just ONE correct pick. As it turned out, even Houdini would have struggled to even do that. You need to watch the full race video of this race to see what you and the skiff crews were up against. However, if you watch it there was emerging form from the Rag who pounced at just the right moment....Mojo Wine's mojo continues to rise....Sydney City Marine's crew had the green skiff sliding along and is very competitive.....Asko is punching along nicely and will continue to build..........Gotta luv it 7?.... well the video will explain their result.

Congratulations Kimberley, a pair of www.barzoptics.com Java sunnies will be heading for your eye protection and coolness, and the Bragging Rights are yours for the rest of the week.

Now, next Sunday is the final of the 3 Buoy handicap Challenge........Whew!. Check the Sunday forecast > www.seabreeze.com.au and also check the amended handicaps for the race. Chris Nicholson and his crew, by claiming 2nd yesterday, is now the sole scratch skiff and pushed most of the fleet out by 2 mins including Thurlow and 7........given this new handicap situation, and given how dodgy the last two Sunday weather patterns have been, my tip is to enter your picks next Sunday morning, because, at least you will have a clue to rig selection.

More later on....BK


News as of 25th Movember 2013.... Yesterday's Podium proved to be another toughie. Only a few of you fancied Rabbitohs Kenwood and of those three only two people could find another Podium skiff (Mojo Wine), so we had Arthur Richards and Peter Alexander equal with two correct. Sooooo, with only two, I went to the coin toss, and Arthur headed em'......Congratulations Arthur, you will have a beaut pair of www.barzoptics.com Java sunnies coming your way plus you receive this week's Bragging Rights, so get cracking with those mate. 

BTW....a reminder, all the Pick the Podium winners of this season will go into a draw at the end, for the major competition prizes. They will be announced, once they are locked and loaded. If anyone can offer a cool prize for our competition by all means contact BK and we will try to make the offer as meaningful as possible to come on board with us.

I think I put the mocker on The Kitchen Maker yesterday...... Jimmy Francis and the crew were on Red Buoys as was Brett Van Munster, but Brett's boys were on fire up hill and down, and had his new #1 rig going as well as any of them. So there is a sign folks..... Brett comes back 3 mins. as a result of his victory yesterday. All the handicaps for next Sunday's game have been posted on the Boat List tab.

The WL race course yesterday into Rose Bay offered plenty of options, left and right and if you watch the long race video you will see how both sides played out.......up the middle and you got giddy, watching both sides jump all over you (Mojo Wines) especially on the second beat. I was impressed with Grant Rollerson's race (off 2min) as he was always in the mix and I feel would have made the Podium if he didn't get delayed by having a hook up with Jono Whitty's LUMIX ....it's on the video. Mojo Wine, is travelling well despite calling up fill in crew. 7 had an embarrassing situation which called for them to ditch it to fix it.....don't think you will see that happen again this season.   

The other "bugger off" moment, happened to Jack and his boys on the RAG.....we were alongside and talking up how well presented the skiff looks and "Bang" the jib prod gave out and they were out.........all in all we had a good day on the Camera Cat ....for now BK


News as of 0900hrs Saturday 23rd Movember....As I said I would find out for you "who will be aiming The Kitchen Maker" in tomorrow's 3 Buoy handicap. ANDddddd! the steerer is Jimmy Francis and comes out of retirement from the class. My tip then is to put TKM in your picks as the skiff is on a 9min handicap which puts them on the shortest race distance......Good Luck BK


News as of 20th Movember 2013....Your focus should now be on Sunday's forecast which has been showing for a few days, a very spooky light one.....take a look for yourself www.seabreeze.com.au

Now, the revised handicaps are on the "Boat List" tab AND, this is another 3 Buoy handicap race and it will be the 1st occasion this season that the big #1 rigs will be used for which you players have no comparisons for the fleet other than Gotta Luv it 7 has a big rig which was just fine last year, and then there's the 7 crew to add to the performance.  If that forecast is accurate then this Podium will be a tricky one, no doubt.

I'm thinking, The Kitchen Maker on 9min can podium on Sunday as she will sail the shortest distance, on the Red turn marks. But that depends on who will steer on Sunday.....Josh McKnight steered TKM well last Sunday and Malcolm Page can aim it also. So if either of these guys are available on Sunday? then they definitely could podium. I will try to find out for you.......ponder on BK


News as of 18th Movember 2013.... Ya gotta luv 18ft skiff racing, especially yesterday, and after you had entered your picks only to see, firstly, Mojo Wine, Sydney City Marine, and Smeg get influenced by David Witt, and go big rig based on David's mobile phone weather forcast. My tip to Chris N, and Nick P, don't rig too close to David W in future. The end result of that misadventure was David sishkabobbed Alex South just after the start and both boats were out of the race after 15 secs of sailing....it's on the video.

Smeg got smashed on the beat, with the red main inside out and going no where, and Mojo was also overpowered but managed to stay upright but paid the price of going big rig. If those three had gone small rig like the rest of the fleet, then they would have been in the thick of it for the podium.

The next blow up for most of you that picked gotta Luv it 7 was they were OCS, and didn't return to restart. So the wash up to all that was understandably, no one picked the podium yesterday.... But, we had six of you with 2 correct picks....these were they, Timothy Olin, Russell Moore, Christine Speight, Luca Damic, Athur Lane (father of) and Rick Coxon (father of) and into my hat you all went, for the you beaut www.barzoptics.com Java sunnies and the weekly Bragging Rights...............AND OUT POPPED! Christine Speight!

Congratulations Christine, you now join Adrian Mills our winner from last week and will go into the draw for the major end of season prize draw.

Now, after Gotta Luv it 7, again, blew the doors off the fleet yesterday, which to me just looked like the two key performance ingredients, BOAT SPEED and CREW SKILL....... and right now they have both in abundance. So.......for you P t P players, it should appear to everyone at this early stage of the season, Gotta Luv it 7 is an easy pick and it's just about the other two boats, and sorting through the other performers.

OK, it's a 3 Buoy Handicap race next Sunday, the revised handicaps will be posted today, on the Boat List tab.....look for more News during the week....  more later on, BK 


News as of 14th Movember 2013.....OK Pick the Podium players. Sunday's race is a 3 Buoy Hdcp. Gotta Luv it 7 is the only skiff on Scratch after their demolition of the fleet in last Sunday's race.

For our newbie P t P players....here's the method. 1st, log onto www.seabreeze.com.au and look at the forecast and the tide chart for Sunday. As of 0700hrs Thursday morning the forecast is similar to last Sunday, in strength and direction, that's handy as if that forecast stays, the fleet will be on 2nd rigs for sure. 2nd. click on the "Boat List" tab for the amended handicaps for this Sunday and ponder or guess your podium picks.

Tip for newbies.....the longer or bigger a skiff's handicap is...the less distance that boat will have to sail. Gotta Luv it 7 has to sail the furthest. You need to ask yourself can "7" podium again on Sunday, after giving away the times / handicaps listed to the other skiffs?

That's the fun of Pick the Podium 18footers style. The thing this season, which makes it even tougher especially early in the season, is that there are new skiffs/teams eg. Sydney City Marine, MOJO Wines, Fisher&Paykel, and Haier Appliances UK. It's up to you to evaluate over the next races how they fit, ranking wise, big and 2nd rig, into the overall fleet. That understanding will take even our hard core players some time yet...........So in the meantime just have a crack next Sunday and see what happens. Good luck BK


News as of 10th (Mo Vember) 2013...Finally, it's game on for Pick the Podium....and this was a toughie, because it was the 1st head to head. A tough day, extremely puffy, which should have sharpened all the crews up. This race fleet, I'm sure will deliver heaps of entertainment for you lot, all the way to the JJ....it's all about what the wind window throws up on race day.

So....congratulations go to Adrian Mills from the UK who Picked the Podium spot on...Gotta luv it 7, TFL, Smeg. Adrian's Podium entry, had all places in the right order.  GOLD! on this occasion...3 players, Steve Quigley, Greg Roche, and Vincent Horey, did pick the 3 boats but NOT! in the correct order. Adrian, the Barzoptics Java sunnies are coming your way AND Brag on matey....you have this weeks Bragging Rights.

Interesting race this one?.....but I'll leave it to you lot to work out what happened, re developing form from now on. Next week is a three buoy handicap race and as of today's results,  Seve's, "team 7" has pushed the whole fleet out by 3 mins.....get onto that puzzle?

Check out the race coverage, if you want to develop your form projections going towards the JJ.....Adrian is the MAN right now and it's gonna get a lot harder nest Sunday. I will post the revised handicaps asap so your on top of one part of the puzzle.......talk soon BK


News as of 8th November.....Pick the Podium starts this Sunday and it's a Scratch race for the 19 Skiff teams. There are 2 new skiffs....Seve Jarvin's Gotta luv it 7 and Jack McCartney's Coopers Rag & Famish. Also 4 new Skippers and Crews... Haier Appliances with a team from the UK here for the season and they will improve a lot as they become more familiar with the competition, Fisher Paykel, Grant Rollerson, Sydney City Marine, David Witt and MOJO Wines with the experienced Chris Nicholson on the helm, with a very capable crew.

So this Pick the Podium ain't gonna be easy folks, and it's gonna be fresh again.... BUT the good news is Kevin Barr, has donated his great barzoptics sunnies again, being the Java Acetate Polarised model (image above), and some one will win a pair of these babies every week PLUS the Bragging Rights mention on the News Blog.

Still, I cannot confirm what the big prizes are yet but I will in due course.......So there you go, have aa crack this Sunday and get in the swing of it again. This Sydney fleet is one of the most promissing for many a season and it will definately need your astute attention to develop the form of the fleet going towards the JJ.....not to mention the close racing. Mark Heeley will be onboard this Sunday and I'm looking forward to some great skiff racing action.....more on Monday morning BK 


News as of 30th October 2013......Went to the wake of our great mate and skiff legend Ian Super Souter yesterday at the Lane Cove 12 Footer Club. A great occasion (reunion) and send off for our mate Super, we will all miss you Supe

The Archive is still being loaded on the site at this stage and apologies for the selected video clips not actually running. Apparently, it's a re occurring You Tube glitch. Trying to sort it out asap...... Good News! from scuttlebutt at the bar we should see the new Gotta Luv it 7, and Rag join the race fleet next Sunday......The Pirates on AOL should be there also, so it's coming together.

Last Sunday's race showed the Poms haven't come all the way down just to make up the numbers and they have a good look about themselves...all good for some close battles this season



News as of 25th October 2013...... Still working at tidying up and loading the Archive and fixing the function issue, but it's getting there albeit a bit slowly. Confirming Pick the Podium will commence 10th November with the 1st Scratch race and by then we should have all the crews on the start line....looking forward to that arrangement.  BK 

News as of 21st October 2013.......We are currently working at finishing off the new site and it should be a big improvement on our last offering.

The main information for all you Pick the Podium players, is that we won't be starting the competition until the 10th November.

Simon is currently sorting through all the race videos, so that we have an archive which will provides you with an easy search and view layout....more tomorrow on how we are going with it. BK