About us

cameracatThis is where you can view all the exciting race action with live thanks to our exclusive web streaming partner, Saiing Anarchy. The races are then posted each Sunday after the race from the 18 footer club.

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It’s all for free and its there on demand for your enjoyment….we hope you will join the rest of our 18 footer fans around the globe and come for a cool ride with us this summer on the Camera Cat.

The main goal for the 18 footer crews is to lift the “Holy Grail” of skiff racing, the historic JJ Giltinan Trophy.  So each week leading to February, our commentary team will shape their chances from the back of the fleet to the front of the fleet………it might not be very pretty for some crews so make sure your up to speed on developments and form your own opinion…Hey! it’s only sport and in Sydney we have a democracy ….welcome onboard.

For news, information and race results please visit 18footers.com.au